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Easy to Use BMS Series                                                                                                         Network Feature

1. Network Feature of BMS-2000
An internet data center (IDC) usually has several UPS systems, battery to start the electricity generator, battery for switching power supply, and battery for firefighting and security system. So many batteries make the monitoring complicated. Unlike other systems, using BMS-2000H/L, every sub-system of the battery monitoring can be connected to the network, and is managed by a central computer. Shown in the above figure, a central computer manages many sub-systems. Any computer connected to the network can be the central computer. But, there is only one central computer in the system. All monitoring data is stored in the database of the

2.Illustration of BMS-2000H/L System Connection
A protection resistor is connected with each measurement wire at the battery terminal post. Every load cable is protected by a fuse. These help to ensure the safety of the system.

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