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Storage battery multi-meter (SBM) uses Single Large Current Discharge Method to measure the internal and intercell resistance of batteries quickly, safely and accurately. It has been widely used to test and maintain the NiCd battery (1V alkaline battery), lead-acid battery (2V cell, 4V, 6V, and 12V module), LFP battery (3V).
        Storage Battery Muiti-meter
SBM Series
Smart Load Unit (SLU) is an adjustable resistance load with a constant current or constant power. SLU series have different models for DC, AC or DC/AC combined applications. SLU can be used to test the discharge of battery, DC power supply, AC power supply and UPS system.
Smart Load Unit
SLU Series
SBM MICRO OHM micro-ohmmeter accessory is the accessory of SBM-2000 and SBM-3000 series. Adding this accessory, SBM-2000 and SBM-3000 series can be used as a micro-ohmmeter to measure the contact resistance of switches, relays, circuit breakers and power contactors.
         Micro-Ohmmerer Accessory
Cell maintenance system is a programmable DC discharge and recharge system. CMS has many configurations to test and maintenance 1V, 2V, 6V and 12V cells. It can simultaneously discharge or recharge up
Cell Maintenance System
CMS Series
Battery Monitoring System (BMS) is a comprehensive application of eTocsin's resistance test technology. This system can monitor the battery's operating parameters (float voltage, overall voltage, ambient temperature, etc.) and characteristic parameters (internal and intercell resistance), and perform a capacity test (using a load unit). It is a complete solution to monitor the battery operation.
         Battery Monitring System
SBM Series
Capacity test system (CTS) is an automatic and smart capacity test system. By using adjustable load resistance, this system can follow the user's settings to perform an automatic test with a constant current or constant power, and stop the test automatically. CTS series have many configurations to meet all need of different batteries.
Capacity Test System
CTS Series
Using the database, internet and component technology, BDNM system obtains and manages the data from SBM and BMS, and provides the real-time warning, data search and data analysis features. It can manage all battery data at a state (province) level or even at the national level.
        BNM System
Batteng Data Network management system
High-Curren Circuit-Breaker
Test System
HCT Series
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